Dechra launches 5 ml Comfortan®

Dechra launches 5 ml Comfortan®

maandag 13 juli 2015

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a new 5 ml bottle of its popular titratable analgesia for cats and dogs, Comfortan®.

The new sized bottle of Comfortan, designed for use with animals in, or about to experience, moderate to severe pain, will be available in veterinary wholesalers from July. Comfortan was the UK's first vet-licensed methadone and is also available in a 10ml size.

Dechra Brand Manager Craig Sankey said: “The new 5ml bottle is a great size for practices which would like to introduce Comfortan into their practice protocols, allowing them to do so in a cost-effective way.

“The availability of a smaller bottle will also be a benefit to practices which due to different surgical needs, currently only use Comfortan in a small number of cases. They will then be able to simply and easily trade up to the 10 ml bottle once they start to use Comfortan on more cases.”

The 5 ml has also been introduced in response to demand from branch practices which had been transferring 10ml bottles between sites and for cat-focused practices which use smaller volumes of the product.

Comfortan® is one of a range of products in Dechra's anaesthesia and analgesia portfolio which also includes Anesketin® and Buprenodale®. It is licensed for IM, IV, and SC usage in dogs and IM in cats.

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